Teeth Whitening in Ramsey NJ


Even if you take perfect care of your teeth, yellowing teeth may still be something that affects you. It’s common, and it does affect a lot of people. If brushing just doesn’t cut it, you may want to consider a procedure that will return your teeth to their original whiteness.


In order to ensure that teeth whitening is effective and safe, you should know what the causes are and what the procedure looks like.


Tooth Discoloration Causes


The main cause of tooth discoloration is the lack of dental hygiene. However, there are everyday influences that may give you a slightly yellow look, regardless of how good you brush. Common drinks such as black tea or coffee, as well as tannin-rich foods such as berries, soy or curries spring to mind.


To add to that, there’s also a genetic aspect to yellowed teeth, where just taking care of them isn’t enough. Because there are so many causes of tooth discoloration, avoiding yellowed teeth may be difficult or downright impossible.


How does it work and is it right for you?

Our professional teeth whitening works on the enamel level, removing any pigmentation that results from dietary or hygienic discoloration. Due to the safety of the professional procedure, this is often recommended compared to at-home techniques. We have a number of options, as well as a team of well prepared professionals that can help you find the right techniques for you.


Teeth whitening significantly increases confidence, allowing you to focus on more important things instead of constantly being self-conscious about your smile. However, since it may not be for everyone, make sure you schedule an appointment with AV Dental today, so we can discuss what’s best for you.