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Same Day Crowns in Ramsey NJ [br][br]

Some recent technological advancements have allowed us at AV Dental to introduce cutting edge technology that has been specifically made to benefit you. Combining CAD/CAM with a 3D printer allows us to give you a lot more choices and offer plenty of flexibility for your dental health.[br][br]

We can create single-unit custom parts with extremely high accuracy to very small measurements, which makes the technology perfect for dental use. By making use of metal-free materials and combining them with a 3D printer, we can create inlays, bridges, crowns, veneers, abutments and on-lays.[br][br]

Benefits of same day crowns and 3D dentistry

  • Everything is custom designed for your specific needs and requirements
  • 3D printed, CAD/CAM designed restorations are much more durable than any of the alternatives
  • 3D printed, CAD/CAM designed restorations look much more natural than other alternatives
  • There is absolutely no need for impressions that can get unpleasant – you don’t have to bite into goop that may be uncomfortable or messy
  • The appliances will fit perfectly, and there’s no need for fitting sessions that can get lengthy, or multiple visits to your dentist
  • Since our in-house team makes the custom appliance here at our office, you’re saving money as there is no need for outsourcing

[br]How does the same day crowns service work? [br][br]

Our CAD/CAM computer will display a 3D custom image of your tooth, as well as the problematic area, obtained by capturing the area digitally with an optical scanner. Or, we can scan the images from a traditional model if you’ve already had impressions taken. Then, we create your custom restoration with a 3D printer that’s loaded with dental polymers, creating the object from the inside out.[br][br]

Contact our dental office at AV Dental in Jersey City, NJ, to see how you can benefit from 3D printing.