Root Canals in Ramsey NJ


When you have a tooth that has been infected, or severely damaged, a root canal may be the solution. Our team at AV dental can help you with this procedure, and get you the full functionality of the tooth back, so you can have your normal chewing sensation back.


What is a root canal, and what are the benefits of one?


When you’re getting a root canal procedure, it usually involves removing the decayed or damaged areas of a tooth. The soft tissue known as pulp is completely cleaned, and then the area is disinfected in order to remove any potential infections.


After all of this is done, the dentist will fill the space back up, and seal it in order to prevent any further infections in the future. If you have a tooth with a deep cavity growing inside, a root canal may be the right choice for you. Also, if your tooth has sustained repeated treatments or a severe trauma, again, a root canal may be the right choice.


Most root canal treatments will require a few appointments. You’ll need an X-ray to see the extent of the issue and pinpoint where the decay is in the tooth. Then, on the next appointment, your dentist will do the procedure itself. He will remove the diseased part, fill up the space, and seal it off temporarily. Finally, they’ll insert a permanent filling, or crown. This crown will sit right on top of the tooth, and will be permanently cemented.


If you’re having any of the issues we mentioned earlier, don’t hesitate to contact AV Dental today and schedule an appointment.