Emergency Dentist & Same Day Dentistry in Ramsey, New Jersey


Ever since the founding of AV Dental, our main aim has and continues to be providing our patients the best quality dental treatment they can receive. We are trusted to provide any same-day dental care services including restorative, preventative and cosmetic dental services. Regardless of your age, you can get the best emergency dental services in Ramsey NJ by visiting AV Dental Associates.


Dental Conditions That Require a Same Day Dentist Emergency Visit

The main dental condition that requires immediate attention is when you lose your tooth/teeth in an accident or any other similar occasion. By contacting us, we will be able to attend to you as soon as we can. However, you may also need emergency attention if you have the following dental problems:

  • Broken restorations or dental crowns
  • Loose, damaged or lost fillings
  • Sinus pressure that causes dental pain
  • Chronic tooth pain
  • Knocked-out tooth/teeth
  • Immense dental sensitivity
  • Cavities
  • Extractions
  • Problems to do with root canals


Types of Emergency Treatments Available at AV Dental Associates

The emergency dental care treatments received at AV Dental Associates always vary depending on your dental situation and the time available for your appointment. However, we will always provide the following basic services:

  • Assistance with pain management.
  • Providing basic treatments that will help in preventing further damage to your teeth
  • Conduct repair and restorative procedures

Depending on the time factor, AV Dental Associates can repair and replace fillings, deal with root canals and conduct dental implants procedures.

Why Trust AV Dental Associates?

  • We offer advanced dentistry. We understand that many things including technology are changing and we have to keep up. Already, we use the latest proven and tested dentistry procedures to keep our patients very comfortable.
  • We use high-quality dentistry equipment. With these facilities, we have a very high success rate. Simply put, visiting us guarantees that you will go home happy.
  • Our comfortable offices make you feel at home. You can sit in our comfortable chairs as you wait for your appointment or any other services offered within our facility.
  • Our staff members are very friendly. They will attend to you in a timely manner and respond to your queries with utmost professionalism.

For emergency dental services in Ramsey NJ, AV Dental Associates has got you covered. We have highly-qualified dentists that will attend to your dental needs professionally and immediately.


We look forward to welcoming you to our warm, caring and friendly Ramsey New Jersey Dental Office.