Dental Laser Surgery in Ramsey NJ


If you want to take advantage of some of the most advanced healthcare technology that the dental surgery world has to offer, you should schedule an appointment with us to see whether you’re a candidate for soft tissue laser surgery. It is efficient, it is effective, and it is very reliable.


How does Dental Laser Surgery work?


Problematic soft tissue is vaporized by a highly focused laser beam on the troubled spot. You can have this area be as tiny as 0.1mm, but more commonly, it is around 0.4mm. Soft tissue dental laser surgery differs from the laser surgery that’s commonly used on eyes, and it uses different wavelengths than what’s commonly used with hard-tissue laser surgery, such as with teeth and bones.


Given that a laser beam has excellent sterilization capabilities, it is perfect for dental surgery. It will eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi, and consequently reduce the patient’s risk of infection, as well as decrease the recovery time. You can also take advantage of laser surgery to cauterize small blood vessels, as well as lymphatics, and there are plenty of uses for dental laser surgery in the field of periodontics, or gum surgery.


Benefits of Dental Laser Surgery

The main benefit of dental laser surgery is the low risk and high success rate. It is minimally invasive, and has a very low associated risk, yet it is very successful in a variety of situations. Lasers eliminate any need for cutting, which speeds up the healing process after the surgery, and you’ll be back to your regular life in no time.


Don’t hesitate, if you believe you’re a candidate for dental laser surgery, contact us at AV Dental today, and book your appointment.