ClearCorrect Braces in Ramsey NJ


ClearCorrect is an alternative to braces, it’s a clear aligner system that is used to straighten your teeth. Just like other clean aligner brands, it is available to good dentists and orthodontists. It makes use of a series of clear, removable aligners that are custom made, and will gradually move your teeth one little bit at a time. Eventually, your teeth and smile will be corrected, and you’ll get a new, fresh look. There are four phases of aligner therapy, and each phase requires a new set of aligners that you’ll need to wear for three weeks.


Benefits of ClearCorrect Braces


The first and most important benefit is the minimal, almost nonexistent aesthetic impact. The aligners are made of thermoplastic materials that are inconspicuous since they’re clean. Regardless of where you are, there’s no need for everyone to know you’re wearing them.


Also, unlike braces, if you have any personal reason, you can remove the ClearCorrect braces at any moment. This adds a lot of flexibility. Whenever you have a situation which is inconvenient with braces or aligners, you can just remove them and store them until you’re ready to use them again.


Maintenance is very easy. You can remove your aligners and clean and rinse them in the sink, using soap and water. You can also brush them just like you’d brush your regular teeth, without any issues.


Last but not least, the impact to your oral cavity is very minimal. They’re molded to your natural teeth’s contours, and the potential for accidental cuts and bruises is minimal. This also drastically improves overall comfort, and there’s also the fact that they apply just the right amount of pressure over the surface of each tooth.


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