Be Healthier with Dental Implants

Dental implants are quite possibly the best invention known to mankind. These tooth replacements are the best because they allow people to live a normal life without compromising other teeth and overall health. Dental Implants for Most Dr. Arash Vahid has helped thousands of people fill the gaps wit...
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ClearCorrect the Correct Way to a Straight Smile

ClearCorrect is the right way to straighten teeth with removable aligners. Unlike those braces you see on your social media pages ClearCorrect is monitored by your Ramsey cosmetic dentist. This means you won’t have to worry about doing something you shouldn’t like wear clear plastic aligners whe...
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Professional Teeth Whitening is a Must

If you have always wanted a whiter smile call and schedule an appointment for professional teeth whitening in Ramsey. While those over the counter polishes, strips, gels, pastes and one size fits all trays may seem to be the affordable way to go non-prescription products could do more harm than good...
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