Professional Teeth Whitening is a Must

If you have always wanted a whiter smile call and schedule an appointment for professional teeth whitening in Ramsey. While those over the counter polishes, strips, gels, pastes and one size fits all trays may seem to be the affordable way to go non-prescription products could do more harm than good...
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Dental Emergencies Aren’t Avoidable

Accidents happen especially during the warmer months. AV Dental Associates usually sees an increase in dental emergencies around this time of year and is always ready to help you. Whether you were the recipient of a high fly ball or have just lost a dental crown you can depend on the team from AV De...
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Cosmetic Dentistry Does Wonders

Cosmetic dentistry is something that can take your smile from dull and lifeless to bright and beautiful. Taking restorative dentistry one step further, this type of dentistry is something that only an experienced cosmetic dentist such as AV Dental Associates should ever attempt. Cosmetic Dentistry i...
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